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Listing of Frequently Asked Questions
I want to add funds to my HWIN prepaid account by sending the Ministry a cheque. Where do I send the cheque? How long does it take for a credit to be made to my prepaid account?
What is the Registered HWIN Generator list?
How do I register for the first time?
How do I complete 2007 registration renewal for a facility?
Do I have to sign a certification statement when I apply my electronic signature to a manifest?
I am a generator located in the United States but I send my hazardous wastes to a waste management facility in Ontario. Is the payment process any different for me? Do I pay in $US funds or $Cdn funds?
I have always maintained a prepaid account in HWIN, but recently my balance fell even though I have not shipped any waste recently. Why did this happen?
I have some money in my Prepaid Account but not enough to cover a manifest payment. Will the money be used to partially pay the manifest?
I have reviewed my manifests in HWIN and notice that one of my manifests is not listed. What has happened to them?
I want to use electronic manifests but my carrier and receiver do not use electronic manifests. Can I use the electronic manifest features of HWIN?
Is my credit card transaction in HWIN safe? What safeguards are built into HWIN to protect my financial information?
How are my paper manifest transactions represented in HWIN?
I want to add funds to my HWIN prepaid account using my credit card. What are the steps I should follow?
Who do I call when I have a question about fee payment or when I have a problem using the HWIN system to pay my fees?
Can I change an electronic manifest when a shipment is in transit?
What is the HWIN Wizard? How do I use the Wizard to build an electronic manifest?
Do I have access to my electronic manifests after they are closed?
I am a carrier. Do I need to set up all of my drivers as HWIN users (e.g. to sign electronic manifests)?
Do I need to send a paper copy of the manifest along with my waste shipment when I use an electronic manifest?
Can a carrier prepare a manifest on behalf of a generator?
Can a generator or carrier void a manifest after both have signed it? Does the Ministry have to approve a manifest void?
How will HWIN benefit the citizens of Ontario?
What is an electronic manifest? How is it different from a paper manifest?
What is the Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN)? How does HWIN support the implementation of Regulation 347?
Do I have to use electronic manifests to ship waste in Ontario?
Does HWIN include a detailed accounting of the manifest and tonnage fees I have paid?
I believe that the information on one of my paper manifest transactions is incorrect. Is there a process I can follow to resolve the issue?
I have a number of manifests listed under the Payments Pending tab on My HWIN page. What are my payment options in HWIN?
How soon after a paper manifest transaction is complete will it appear in My HWIN account?
Is my prepaid account automatically debited by HWIN when a manifest transaction is logged in the system?
I operate a waste transfer station. Am I responsible for payment of fees for waste shipments from my transfer station?
My waste shipments are always the same. I only generate a few wastes and I always use the same carrier and receiver. Is there a shortcut I can use in HWIN to build my electronic manifests?
How do I change my company name in HWIN?
How do I add a new user to my HWIN account?
How do I add an administrator, when the person originally registered as the administrator has left the company (and my username/password are unknown)?
How do I delete a user from my account?
I have forgotten my username/password. Can you send me my username/password?
Can you send me an invoice?
What is the Ministry's HST Number?
How do I add a waste class?
What are the approved tonnage fee exempt recycling facilities?
I do not intend to generate or ship waste any longer, how do I close my account?
What is Regulation 347?
I have only inactive waste classes. How do I change the waste classes to active?
What is specific gravity?
What is the refund policy?
I am a carrier and would like to register in HWIN. How do I do this?
Where can I find out more about the Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) program and the new generator registration requirements?
How do I register or renew using paper registration forms?
How do I change an email address?
How do I change my password?
What is the payment structure?
COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus resources - where do I find out more information about COVID-19?
I am a receiver and I would like to register in HWIN. How do I do this?
I would like to register a Parent Organization Number in HWIN. How do I do this?
Registration Renewal Process
Registration Closure or Site Closure Process
Inactive Request Process
Which web browser or web browsers are compatible with hwin.ca?
Canada Post service disruption. How do I send cheques and manifests to the ministry during a Canada Post strike?


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