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GRR Part - 1 Generator Identification  
Fields marked * are mandatory.
Please complete the following information about your hazardous waste site.
Registration Number
(If you are inside Ontario, the system will assign a Generator Number after completing the registration. For generators located outside Ontario, enter Registration / Notification Number assigned by local environmental authority.)
Legal Company Name
Company Operating Name
Mailing Address

123 Some Road, Unit X
Site Location
This should be the street address of the site that is being registered. You are required to register each site that generates hazardous waste separately.

123 Some Road, Unit X
Company Official    -    Must be a company employee or officer; do not list consultants, carriers or other third parties.
The Company Official is the individual within your organization who is responsible for managing hazardous and liquid industrial waste. The Company Official will also serve as an HWIN Administrator for the organization. The Company Official may also delegate HWIN responsibilities to other individuals. You may designate this responsibility in the Additional HWIN Administrator section below.
Additional HWIN Administrator
The HWIN Company Official may delegate HWIN Administrator responsibility to other individuals. One additional administrator may be defined below and / more administrators may be registered by an HWIN Administrator after initial registration.
Contact Person
HWIN requires that you designate one person to serve as the contact person who will receive all HWIN e-mail messages. Please indicate below whether you want the Company Official or the Additional HWIN Administrator to serve as the contact person.
On-Site Waste Management
Some generators manage a portion or all of their waste on their own site. These generators may use a variety of waste management methods for managing waste on-site such as incineration or thermal destruction, landfilling, non-thermal destruction, or physical/chemical treatment. Wastes disposed of on-site are subject to the waste tonnage fee requirements of Regulation 347. For generators who ship their wastes offsite, waste tonnage fees are collected as manifests detailing waste quantities are processed in HWIN. Generators who manage waste on-site do not use a manifest, and HWIN has set up a different mechanism to collect waste tonnage fees for wastes managed on-site. Please select YES below if you manage a portion or all of your waste on-site.
Yes No
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes
In the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes section, please enter at least one NAICS code that best describes the nature of your business. This field is mandatory and must be entered before proceeding to the next screen.
For a list of typical NAICS Codes click here

For certified receivers of waste that re-ship wastes only:
        This site is also approved by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks to receive Subject Waste (Liquid Industrial/Hazardous Waste).
        Its corresponding environmental compliance approval is
UTM Coordinates
The coordinates provided by Global Positioning System (GPS) units is primarily based on the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projection. These coordinates describe a point location, such as the front gate of a property, by the 'easting' (always a 6 digit number) and 'northing' (always a 7 digit number). Please enter your coordinates to the nearest metre.
UTM X-value: (easting) UTM Y-value: (northing)
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