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Q)  How do I change an email address?
A)  To change the contact email address associated with your company:
1. Login to your HWIN account.
2. Find your company's name at the top of the page and click on it.
3. Scroll down to the email field and delete what is currently there.
4. Type in the new address.
5. Scroll to bottom of page and hit ‘Continue’.

To change the email address associated with an individual user:
1. Login to your HWIN account
2. At the top of the page is a green tab called ‘Administration’. Hold your cursor over the ‘Administration’ tab until a drop down menu appears.
3. Scroll down the drop down menu and click on ‘User Rights’.
4. If you would like to change your own address, click on ‘Edit My Details’.
5. If you would like to change someone else’s address, click the ‘Edit’ link after their username.


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