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Q)  I have reviewed my manifests in HWIN and notice that one of my manifests is not listed. What has happened to them?
A)  Your manifest list may be incomplete for a number of reasons:

1. Your paper manifest may not yet have been received by the Ministry or entered by the MECP into HWIN. If this is the case, your missing manifest will appear in your HWIN account within a few days (depending on your location and the time required for Canada Post to ship your paper manifest to the Ministry).

2. Your paper manifest was incomplete and therefore was not transferred into HWIN. If your missing manifest is more than a few weeks old, please contact the HWIN Helpdesk to ensure that this is not the reason behind your missing manifest. The Helpdesk can be reached by telephone at 1-866-HWIN-MOE (1-866-494-6663 option 1, 1) or by email at hwinhelpdesk@ontario.ca.


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