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Q)  I have a number of manifests listed under the Payments Pending tab on My HWIN page. What are my payment options in HWIN?
A)  You may pay the fees associated with your manifest transactions several ways.

You may pay the fees associated with each manifest by clicking on the "Pay This Manifest" button and using your credit card to make the payment. The disadvantage to this approach is that you will need to complete a separate payment process for each manifest on the list.

You may pay all the fees due at once by clicking the "Pay All" button and using your credit card to make the payment. This is a fast and efficient way to pay the fees.

You may click the "Add to Prepaid Account" button and use your credit card to add sufficient funds to your prepaid account to cover the fees due. This is also fast and efficient, and if you choose, you can add enough funding due to cover future manifest transactions.

You may send the Ministry a cheque or money order to pay your fees. The Ministry will apply the cheque amount to your prepaid account and HWIN will then automatically debit fees owed. Remember that it will take up to two weeks for the Ministry to process a cheque payment. Many generators that have used cheques or money orders to add funds to prepaid accounts have funded their prepaid accounts to cover both current fees due as well as fees that will be incurred over time.


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