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Q)  I operate a waste transfer station. Am I responsible for payment of fees for waste shipments from my transfer station?
A)  Waste transfer stations receive manifested waste shipments from generators and later reship the waste to a different receiver. To serve as a waste transfer station, dual status in HWIN is required. That is, waste transfer stations are recognized by HWIN as having both generator and receiver status. In receiving manifested waste shipments from a generator, the waste transfer station serves as a receiver. In shipping waste to a different receiver, a new manifest is created and the transfer station serves as the generator for the waste shipment. When the transfer station creates a new manifest for waste it is reshipping, the five-dollar manifest fee is applied to the transaction but the tonnage fee is not applied. The Ministry recognizes that collection of tonnage fees from the transfer station would be double payment for the waste. The exception to this would arise if the transfer station generated waste of its own, and shipped this waste offsite. In this case, waste tonnage fees would apply to the waste generated by the waste transfer station.


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