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Q)  What is the Hazardous Waste Information Network (HWIN)? How does HWIN support the implementation of Regulation 347?
A)  HWIN is a web-based system that allows generators, carriers, and receivers to register their activities with the Ministry on-line, and to make payments for fees associated with Regulation 347. HWIN also will enable users to create and process electronic manifests over the web making HWIN the first electronic manifest system for hazardous wastes in North America. HWIN has been designed specifically to serve as an implementing tool for Regulation 347, allowing for the efficient integration of Regulation 347's fee collection requirements with the business processes associated with the manifesting of hazardous waste. HWIN has been designed to meet the business needs of Ontario's generators, carriers, and receivers. Moreover, it will provide immediate up-to-date information on the generation, movement and disposal of hazardous waste in Ontario.


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